Two Major Projects – Creating a Legacy Change

Huguenot Memorial Church is currently raising funds for major capital projects. Phase I of our program is to replace our heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system throughout our 34,000 square foot facility. We will be implementing a sophisticated new system featuring high efficiency heat pumps with a geothermal ground source for energy. New storm windows and select insulation improvements will help contain the heating and cooling generated the system. Our environment friendly design will also reduce the cost of heating and cooling our property by more than 50%.

We view this program as creating a legacy change benefiting multiple future generations – truly creating a more Sustainable Huguenot Memorial Church. Our fund raising target for this system is a minimum of $1,500,000. After the first phase has been successfully completed, we will tackle raising $600,000 for our Music Ministries with primary focus on replacing the sanctuary organ with a refurbished vintage instrument.

Progress To-date

In March 2012, we completed the design and bidding processes for the Geothermal HVAC replacement system. The total cost of the project is projected to be $2.1 million and will be funded via the $1.5 million capital campaign and approximately $600 thousand from our Endowment fund. Toward our $1.5 million fund raising goal, more than $1,150,000 has been raised, leaving a total of $350,000 to complete fundraising for this project. More than 80 Huguenot member households have pledged their support as well as many members of the community who support the environmental or community benefits.

Making Your Generous Gift Go Even Further

A generous matching pledge of "$1 for every $2 raised" has been committed for the duration of the Capital Campaign, and is intended to encourage broad participation.

For many reasons, we are highly confident this current capital campaign will succeed, thereby blessing our church in many ways for generations to come. Each contribution, in any amount, makes a significant impact.

Pledge Your Support

You may indicate your pledge of support by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Make A Contribution

Download the Sustainable Huguenot Pledge Card and send with check made payable to Huguenot Memorial Church to the church office, or drop it in the collection plate during worship. Please indicate “Sustainable Huguenot” in the Memo line.

Capital Campaign Committee

Jeff Marcks, Chairman
Paul Francis
David Harms
Beja Keyser
Louise Kelly
Betsy Wines

We thank you in advance for your generous support. We trust this effort will serve as a blessing in many ways, as we unite as a church and deepen our faith through the act of giving.