Your Stewardship Committee announces the launch of our 2017 Stewardship Appeal, continuing the journey of becoming a financially Sustainable Huguenot Church. The theme of the Stewardship Appeal for 2017 is "Kindness Can Change The World".

Our Call to Action:

  • 2016 Pledgers – Please continue your support and make the most generous increase you can
  • New Pledgers – Please declare your support for Huguenot, we need the support of all members
  • All Pledgers – Reach for an increase in pledge of $1,200 or $100 per month

The Building Blocks of Success for the 2017 Stewardship Appeal

2016 Pledging Households Maintain Their 2016 Pledge Level... $xxx,000

... and increase their 2017 Pledge by $100 per Month... $xxx,000

Huguenot Achieves Stewardship Baseline Goal! $xxx,000

All Other Member Households Pledge $100 per Month and ... $xxx,000

Huguenot Achieves Stewardship Aspiration Goal! $xxx,000

 We would be most grateful for your considered response to our Stewardship Appeal.

On behalf of the Stewardship Committee of Huguenot Memorial Church, we thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration and support.

[ Online Pledge Form ]